Breast Enlargement

Breast Augmentation, Breast Lift, Breast Reduction

Breast enhancement is the most commonly performed plastic surgery of the breast, it helps women who have experienced a significant reduction in the neighing of their breast due to weight loss or pregnancy and suffer from an empty breast. Other medical indications for this operation are: lateral differences: asymmetries, form abnormalities or aplasia (missing development) of the female breast. Even with a hereditary “too small” breast, the onset of implants helps the woman to gain more self-confidence and well-being.

The demand for this operation is a natural look with a female decollete and a size suitable for the type. The exact size determination and type selection of the implant during the operating room planning in the run-up to the operation is of decisive importance.

The use of high-quality implants is a matter of course in my practice. They are filled with a stable gel that ensures that the implant maintains its shape.


Mammography examination and ultrasound is necessary before each breast surgery.


The sensitivity of the breast or nipple is preserved, breastfeeding is possible after the operation. Surgical procedure and anaesthesia: The operation basically takes place under general anaesthesia and stay in the clinic for 1 night.

The implant is either partially or completely placed under the breast muscle (submuscular implant) in very thin women with low fatty and glands, or under the mammary gland above the pectoral muscle (subglandular implantation), whereby the breast tissue itself remains largely untouched.


The following cuts can be selected for the inserting of the implants:


in the breast fold (inframammär)
Advantage: most frequently selected, as clearly arranged for surgeon and increased safety
Disadvantage: Scar slightly visible in lying

on the nipple (infraarearary/periarerolear)
Advantage: Scar hardly visible
Disadvantage: limited implant size, injury of glandular tissue

in the armpit (axy military)
Advantage: Breast Gland is not injured
Disadvantage: Access for surgeons long and confusing

As with any surgical procedure, breast enlargement also carries risks. In rare cases, post-bleeding, infections and wound healing disorders can occur. In extremely rare cases, there may be a hardening (fibrosis) and/or shrinkage (contracture) of the capsule. 

An ideal patient requirement is:

over 18 years old
mentally stable
realistic expectations
- no breast surgery performed
Currently neither pregnant nor breastfeeding

The following measures should be considered after the OP:
For at least 3-5 days move your arms as little as possible and their elbows should not go beyond the level of the armpits.


After a few days, the association will be removed. A special bustier must be worn for 6 weeks (the first 3 weeks day and night). They and of course their sexual partner should be extremely careful with their breasts for the first 2 months and avoid any overuse.

Sports activities are from the 6th cer. week after surgery possible. The visit of a solarium should be waived for 3 months.
Also, it is important that you do not sleep on your stomach, but in supine position. 

Important short for breast enlargement:

Op duration: 1 to 2 hours
Surgery under general anaesthesia
Stationary stay: 1 night
Physical protection: 4 weeks

Thread removal:
After 2 weeks
Avoid medication that increases the tendency to bleed (e.g. Acetylsalicylic acid-containing drugs such as aspirin or ASD) already 15 days before the operation.

You must pay at least with a total cost of 4500 – 5600 € (plus 19% VAT)
consisting of doctor's fee, implant costs, anaesthesia costs and inpatient accommodation. 


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