It is the highest medical expertise, personal all-round care and a pleasant atmosphere that
characterize my practice in the villa district of Bad Godesberg.


Jolanta Wyrabkiewicz-Szumocki
Aesthetic Surgeon

More and more women and men of all ages are interested in the possibilities of aesthetic surgery. Feeling in good hands and being treated discreetly are the decisive criteria for choosing practice.

This includes aesthetic surgical specialist training, permanent further education and professional experience over many years.

It is highest medical competence, personal all-round care and a pleasant atmosphere that distinguishes my practice and give you the certainty of being in the best hands with me.

Many factors contribute to a lasting well-being and beautiful exterior. I therefore believe that, in addition to the successful intervention, everything should be done, which is considered to be the human being as a whole in their interplay with the environment and its energy flow. That is why I offer supportive treatments that further strengthen the effect of the procedure and further improve your attitude to life: anti-aging, acupuncture and nutritional counselling.

In my practice, you will be looked after personally and all the time: from the first interview to the last aftercare appointment, even outside of practical times. 


More and more women and men of all ages are interested in the possibilities of aesthetic surgery.
Your Beauty Medical Practice

Take the human being as an individual seriously important and create the best feel-good atmosphere...
Price List/ Financing

We can Provide you prices for various procedures.

An excerpt from surgical and aesthetic-medical areas of expertise

Wrinkle injections (botox treatment for wrinkles, wrinkle injections with hyaluronic acid and wrinkle injections with Radiesse), eyelid lift, lip injections, face lifting without a scalpel - minimally invasive, facial volume build-up, needling, anti-aging - vital substances, upper arm/thigh lift, breast augmentation, breast lift, breast reduction, liposuction, intimate surgery.


You may reach us in three different options:


Bldg. 310, Zone 45 St. 860
Old Airport Road,
Doha, Qatar


+974 7076-9595
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