Ear Correction

Ear Attaching Plastic

Apply protruding ears, ear extension sculpture, Otopexy, otopic, surgery in apostasis otum
In children, protruding ears often lead to a psychological strain by teasing. But even adults can feel insecure due to the appearance and suffer from it

By correcting the shape, position or size of the ear, a harmonious ear shape can be modelled. Protruding ears can be treated safely and permanently with a small procedure in local anaesthetic.

For fearful patients, twilight sleep or anaesthesia is also possible. The surgery can be performed on an outpatient basis.

The ear cartilage is displayed and thinned out so that it can be well shaped. With special suture techniques, the cartilage is reached without tension on the head. The wound is closed by a seam. The discharge takes place with a head bandage, which is replaced by a firm headband after 2-3 days at the first change of bandage. This should be worn for 2 weeks day and night, so that the ear cartilage can heal in its new position. The remaining scars are very fine, so that they are barely visible after a few weeks. Rarely can aftermath or wound infections may occur or cartilage edges may be visible.

Important shortly for ear attachment plastic:

Op-duration: 90 minutes
Operation in local anaesthesia, if necessary with twilight sleep
Pulling the threads after 10 days
Compatible after 1 couple of days

Physical protection: 1 week
Price: from 900 €


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