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Facelift Without Scalpel Minimally Invasive

Thread liftings are modern lifting methods that leave no visible scars.
Only small punctures in local anaesthesia are necessary, through which special threads are inserted under the skin. With beaker, they fix and tighten the skin from below and thus ensure lifting (lifting) of the sagging skin. At the same time, the stimulation of the connective tissue leads to the development of collagen with an additional tightening effect.

Biodegradable (resorbable) threads are used, the duration of operation approx. 18 months.
The thread lift can be used to correct face and neck contours, upper arms and abdomen.
One or more regions can be treated during an operation.

There are different names for this relatively new lifting procedure:

Aptos Lifting has been the inventor of this method, the Moscow physician and surgeon Prof. Dr. med. Marlen A. Sulamanidze, called its lifting threads. He derives Aptos from the technical term “antiptosis”, “ptosis” means hanging, “antiptosis” counteracts the hanging accordingly. It lifts it lifts. Aptos and lifting are words of similar meaning.

Soft Lifting describes a great advantage of the new procedure: gentle and gentle therapy.
Thread lifts indicates that fine special threads are inserted into the skin, which lift the skin.

Treatment (local anaesthetic):

The doctor traces on the face which areas should be lifted and how the threads are to proceed. A fine, blunt cannula is guided along the recorded line through the lower fatty tissue The cannula is hollow inside and contains a lifting thread. The cannula is carefully pulled out again – yet the lifting thread remains in the fabric. The doctor first pulls the end of the thread at the other, then protruding at the other, and thus creates the lifting effect. The thread ends are cut off, the threads disappear invisibly under the skin.


Cooling for 1-2 days, some days no sunbathing (always apply UV protection), no massage on the treated area for at least 2 weeks, no heat treatments, no sauna or no laser treatments within the next few weeks.

Advantages of the thread lift:

Immediately visible lifting effect, no cuts, only tiny needle inks: practically no scars remain. No general anaesthesia and getting up immediately after treatment: no bed rest, no hospitalization.

Quite rarely pain after treatment, if so, relief from common painkillers, low risk of inflammation, rapid healing. Additional effect through the formation of new connective tissue.

Risks and side effects:

As with any surgical procedure, there are also the risks for lifting threads, which occur very rarely: more or less strong burning during and after treatment, infection and/or redness of the treated areas, intolerance reaction to the material used, uneven or irregular result, swelling and bruising after treatment, which, however, subside after a few days. If it really is necessary, the threads can be removed. Whether the lifting with threads is the optimal method in each individual case can only be clarified after a careful examination and consultation.

Costs:   Between 1,600 – 2,000 €


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