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Beauty primarily means radiance, attractiveness, harmony and is in harmony with personal feeling of happiness. The signs of the aging process are usually particularly noticeable on the face.

Losing skin elasticity and tissue sleep, excessive muscle tension as well as volume and proportion shifts often show their attribute at an early stage and can disturb the harmony of the face.

Thus, the desire to look fresher and more relaxed is a frequent motivation to carry out a facial treatment or facelift. Depending on the cause and the affected face, various surgical and non-surgical treatment options are available, which can also be used in combination and have the same focus for us.

Find out about the individual treatment options in advance in the corresponding subchapters and make an appointment for personal advice

Face lifting without scalpel: thread lifting
Face lifting without scalpel: volume build with Pix’s owl
Skin tightening by plasma lifting
Skin tightening by Needling
surgical face and neck lifting 

Face tightening and neck lift [Faceling lift, facelift, face lifting, neck lift, SMAS lifting]

If the aging processes of the face and neck are already more advanced, so that the proportions of the face are changed and there is a strong excess of skin in the face and neck area, an operative facelift should be carried out. The techniques are designed to look younger, fresh and more relaxed naturally after a facelifting, and natural facial expressions are preserved.
With good healing, the incisions are barely visible later and the result is long duration.

surgical processes and anaesthesia
The exact planning can only be decided individually, but one can generally say that skin cuts usually run before or in the temporal hairs during facelift (hairs do not have to be shaved), pull along the natural wrinkles in front of the ear and disappear over the rear earcup again before or in the hair to the neck.
The skin of the face and neck as well as affusive tissue layer (SMAS) are loosened from each other.The SMAS fabric is tightened and anchored again. The excess skin is removed. The wound is closed by a seam. The wound secretion can be derived for 24-48 hours via a small drainage inserted under the skin and removed behind the ear. A head bandage is then established.

This procedure can be combined with a liposuction of the neck. This liposuction is performed by a small cut under the chin with fine cannulas.
Depending on the size of the facelift, the operation can be performed in a twilight slack sleep or as a whole anaesthetic.
Facelift can be combined with other processes such as a lid tightening, an injection with own fat or hyaluronic acid as well as botox. 

Important in short for facelift:

Operating time: approx. 2-4 hours
Anesthesia: twilight sleep or general anaesthesia
Stationary stay: 1 night
Thread removal: after 10-14 days
Corporate: after approx. 14 days
Physical protection: approx. 14 days
Sport with slight load e.g. Cycling after 3-4 weeks, full load after 8 weeks
Sauna, solarium and plump sun should be avoided for 3 months, otherwise always with sunscreen SPF 50 

After the OR:

Elastic association for 1-2 weeks
Lymphatic drainage 


The intake of so-called. Platelet aggregation inhibitors (e.g. aspirin and ASS) must be stopped at least 3 weeks before eyelid correction in consultation with the attending physician.
In the case of any existing Marcumar therapy, a drug change must also be made in consultation with the treating general practitioner.
Since the nicotine disturbs blood circulation and wound healing and can lead to wound necrosis, smoking should be stopped 6 weeks before and 2 weeks after facelift( reduced)

from 4.500 €

Example of cutting course during facelift 


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