Natural Lifting Without Surgical Interventions

Sty Threading with
Venus V-Line

The new soft thread lift is used in the first signs of a face lift, in which a complete total face lifting does not yet appear to be given or not desired, a complete and associated with surgery. The soft-lift needles contain fully biocompatible, absorbable polydioxone (PDO) threads, a material that has been used worldwide as surgical suture material for decades.

In contrast to a “large”, surgical facelift, the soft lifting is about the connective tissue formation and the reconstruction of the Collagen support frame and not to pull the fabric into a new position! Your natural facial expression remains. The resorbable threads then dissolve completely after 6 to 8 months. However, the soft lift lasts up to 2 years and can be repeated at any time without problems.

Areas of application are:

General skin tightening
Cheek and pine area (hanging snack)
- Front and temples area
Neck and décolleté
Underside of the upper arms and thighs


Soft lifting treatments with VENUS V-Line Lifting threads are almost painless, since the corresponding areas are previously stunned locally. The number of threads to be used then depends on the touching area and your wishes. There is no limitation.

The 100% resorbable threads are inserted subcutaneously, i.e. under the skin, with the help of a very thin guide needle, and then form a stable network, which clearly but also looks visibly and lift the tissue back into the original position due to the tensile tension of the threads.

The needles are removed and there is an invisible thread frame. Side effects such as slight swelling or hematoma (blue spots) are related to the number of threads set and may occur occasionally. However, these are problem-free, can be covered with make-up and quickly stop off. Different areas can be tightened during treatment. Also a combination with the following therapies is possible:
Wrinkle injection with hyaluronic acid
Botox treatment
- self-plasma treatment

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