Injection Lipolysis

Fat Syringe Fat-way Syringe

Recently, there has been the possibility of dissolving smaller disturbing fat deposits with a syringe, the so-called fat-dispin. This method has been discovered in Brazil and has been used very successfully in many patients since then. A great advantage of the fat-dispossible spray is the uncomplicated use and that no new formation of fat deposits has been observed in the treated places.

For the fat-way syringe, an active substance is used for the fat-path syringe, which is derived from soybean oil and is otherwise used to reduce increased blood lipid levels and is also officially approved for this purpose. This oil contains lecithin, which is a natural transportation molecule for fat in our body.

In the disturbing areas, a precisely defined amount of the active substance is introduced into the adipose tissue at a fixed distance in the form of small injections. The active ingredient dissolves the fat, which is then transported away and broken down via a natural way. A few hours after the injection, the patient notices a local reaction, which is noticeable in the form of redness and swelling. After a few days this sounds off. However, the fat deposit is only visibly reduced within 4-6 weeks.

As a rule, 2-3 treatments at intervals of 4-6 weeks are necessary to achieve the desired result.

With the fat-way syringe, smaller fat deposits can be treated well: chin, arms, legs, belly waist, and eye bags. This is especially true for areas that insufficiently appeal to a diet or to sports activities.
In larger fat deposits, the liposuction for the body's contouring is still the method of choice. 

Is the use of fat-path syringe painful?

When the active substance is injected, a burning sensation or a feeling of pressure can occur at short notice. After a few minutes, the treated area often feels like an insect bite. Warming, redness and swelling linger out over the following days subside. 

When can I return to my usual activities?

After the treatment, you can return home or to professional life immediately. Sauna and solarium visits should be avoided for a week. Exhaustive sport should be better avoided immediately after treatment.


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