Fat Suction

The liposuction is the most common surgery in the field of plastic surgery in recent years.
In principle, every body region can be suckled off, most often it is:
Abdominal, hip, thigh (“butthose”), waist, knee and chin.

In many cases, excess skin withdraws after suction. Where this does not happen, surplus skin can arise, which can be surgically corrected.

Who is the liposuction suitable for?

Liposuction is never a dietary replacement, but is used to correct distributional disorders in the area of body fat. Such disorders occur due to hormonal changes or can be caused by so-called edema. Diets or sporting activities do not bring about changes here.

Operational procedure and anaesthesia:
In many cases, liposuction under local anaesthetic can be considered. Larger areas or combinations of several areas are performed under general anaesthesia. In the case of liposuction, the so-called tumes decrease is injected into the fatty tissue. This is standardised and serves to make the fatty tissue extracted. For pain damping, the solution is a local anaesthetic and adrenaline for bleeding. The disturbing fat is then specifically sucked off under constant control of the skin by means of a cannula, which is only 3 mm thick, via a mini-cutting. When it comes to the question of which result can be achieved, I consider the indication of the reduction in the size of the size more meaningful than the indication of the extracted quantity in litres. With the same body weight, a reduction of 1 to 2 dress sizes through a lip suction is considered realistic.

Postoperatively, a special compression medicine must be worn over 6 weeks. Regular connective tissue massages are important for post-treatment in the sense of lymphatic drainage in order to remove swelling and waste products as quickly as possible and thus ensuring a better complexion. As a rule, this special massage for our patients takes place twice a week over a total period of five weeks. Following surgery, patients must maintain a low-fat diet for a period of 4 to 6 weeks, as the body basically tries to compensate for the loss of energy and store it in the remaining fat cells. After this period, the body has become accustomed to the new situation and the metabolism stabilizes, so that a normal diet is possible again. Even after liposuction, patients should definitely attach importance to healthy eating and sports activities.

Important short for liposuction:

Op-duration: 4 to 5 hours
Anaesthesia: local anaesthetic, depending on the expense
Clinic stay: 1 day
Stable: after a few days
Physical protection: 1 week

Carrying a special medicine:
for 6 weeks 


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