Lip Injection

Lip Augmentation

Sensually full lips are the dream of many women. A lip enlargement is recommended for too small or too narrow lips. The causes of too narrow lips can either be congenital or due to the natural aging process. This decreases the volume of the lips and the lips lose their plump and youthful appearance. A lip enlargement can be absolutely natural and without “inflatable boat effect”.

The lip enlargement by hyaluronic acid is an uncomplicated and fast procedure and the result is visible immediately after the treatment. Hyaluronic acid is broken down naturally by the human body after 6-9 months.

Lip enlargement by increasing your own fat is also possible. Your own body fat is removed and injected into the lips using the smallest special cannulas. This method is more permanent than treatment with hyaluronic acid.

With the right underjection technique, asymmetric lip shapes can be compensated and crooked lips can be straightened safely and gently. A blurred or elapsed contour can be restored or refined. In order to achieve a harmonious mouth, the doctor must dose the injected remedy very precisely. 

Resize effects of lip correction:

Increased lip volume
Emphasis on lip contour
Treatment of the upper lip wrinkles (smoking cases)
- Point of mouth
Lip shape modeling 

The most important in the overview

Duration of treatment: approx. 30 minutes
Ca. 60 minutes with own fat method
Stunning: large anaesthetic
Socially viable: after 1 day
Sports: After 1 day achieve a harmonious mouth, the doctor must dose the injected remedy very precisely.


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