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Micro Needling

Percutaneous collagen induction (PCI)
Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT)

Micro Needling, also known as Derma Acupuncture, is a form of medical treatment to improve the skin structure and skin renewal capacity, in which a so-called derma roller or dermapen is treated.

This method is versatile, well treatable are the following problems:

Common signs of skin aging, tired, sagging connective tissue
Sun-damaged skin
Wrinkles, (wrinkles) on the face and décolleté
Pigment disorders, melasma, hyperpigmentation
Acne scars, burn scars, surgical scars, other scars
Wrinkles of pregnancy
Large-pored and oily skin

The Dermaroller® – also known as mesoroller – consists of a small 2cm thick plastic roller, in which tiny, very fine needles are embedded. The Dermapen has an electronically controlled treatment head , where 12 very fine sterile needles are located Depending on the respective needle length of the scooter, two treatment procedures are possible.

Mesotherapy with the Dermaroller/ Dermapen

The so-called mesotherapy is carried out with short (0.5 – 1.0 mm) needles, through which the active ingredients applied on the skin can be introduced more intensively. For a longer-lasting freshness of the skin and complexion. Needles up to 1 mm in length are considered short. The classic applications of this form of mesotherapy include: face, neck, debolleté. The method is done in several steps. First, the area to be treated is disinfected. Hyaluronic acid and vitamins are applied to the skin area to be treated. By using the dermaroller / Dermapens, the active ingredients applied on the skin surface are transported to the dermis, where they diffuse further into deeper layers of the skin. Micro Needling mesotherapy visibly smoothes the skin, improves its texture, the skin appears firmer, fresher and younger. As a rule, 6 treatments should be performed at a weekly interval, then approximately every 2 months.

Cost: from 150 €

Deeper treatment with the dermaroller/Dermapen
With needles from 1.0 to 3 mm in length, clearly visible and long-lasting results and improvements to the skin structure are possible. This deeper treatment variant leaves micro-injuries in the connective tissue, so that repair processes are started and the regeneration of new skin cells is activated. In the long term, the connective tissue forms new collagen and elasthin at these points, which allows the structure of the skin to be specifically improved.

The results can also be optimized with growth factors (body's own proteins, which are obtained from the patient's blood after a blood purchase in a special procedure). Own blood therapy (linking with )

Costs: from 200 €

Needling with ownerum: from 450 €

Needling for scar treatment:

Another indication for the method of mesoroller with long needles are scars, caused by surgery or, for example, acne. Scar tissue is a kind of replacement tissue, which can be low-flow circulation and, depending on the expression, can be soft to hardened. By stimulating the needles, the collagen fibre beams are loosened up and re-formed in the tissue at these places. Since, unlike ablative methods, the epidermis is not destroyed in this process, there is no risk of a treatment-related pigment disorder. After treatment, it may temporarily allow for slight redness or Swelling or bruising.

We recommend 1-5 treatments at a distance of approx. 4 weeks.da scar tissue reacts more slowly, can also be maintained for 6-10 weeks with follow-up treatment. Good results are only to be expected after months, especially in scars.


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