Nutritional Advice

According to the recommendations of the German Nutrition Society, each adult should eat five fruit and vegetable meals a day. We definitely eat too much meat, fat and carbohydrates in Germany after analysing experts. Too little fish, vegetables and fruit. The modern farming methods of agriculture achieved leaching of the soil and impoverishment of our food with nutrients. Today, an apple contains 80% less vitamin C, broccoli only 30% of the calcium of earlier wild plants. In many cases, we therefore also find a lack of vitamins and minerals for people with a balanced diet.

In old age and with diseases, the need for vitamins and minerals continues to increase in organic food and our own fresh preparation should be self-evident for us. And we should take the necessary time!

The flooding of our organism with sugar from various food sources leads to permanently high blood levels and constantly high insulin secretion. In the worst case, this causes a decrease in insulin production from the pancreas and reduced insulin sensitivity of the peripheral tissue (insulin resistance). In the presence of constantly high insulin levels, however, there is no breakdown of fat reserves, but rather a conversion of glucose and fructose into fatty acids that are stored in depots. This also explains the increasing problem of obesity in many population groups. Our food also often contains too little fiber, which leads to intestinal inertia and subsequent constipation. Excessive salt consumption, often hidden in finished food, promotes diseases such as high blood pressure.


Nutrition counseling is a very important building block for anti-aging medicine, as a healthy diet can prevent many diseases. Today, a large number of diseases are caused by malnutrition. Hypertension or diabetes are just a few examples that clearly show the complex relationships between nutrition and the onset of diseases. There are many indications that the sensible selection of food and a gentle preparation can make a valuable contribution to maintaining our health. And health also radiates to the outside. In addition, many factors that are reflected in the outside (smooth skin, slender body) depend on a healthy diet. In old age, many cell functions that are necessary for repair processes or detoxification processes deteriorate. If malnutrition is encountered, therefore, scare treatment should always be considered as the diet.

Reconnaissance talk:

During the first conversation, we will carry out an intensive analysis of your eating habits. Since we are all happy to suppress our small nutritional sins, we will recommend that you lead a food diary over a week to be able to get a complete picture. Depending on the present clinical picture or patient desire (e.g. Weight loss) we will work out a nutritional timetable with you. This takes into account your living conditions, habits and preferences. For example, the glycemic index of foods is taken into account when weight losses are given. This does not mean a complete ban on many foods, but a meaningful composition that is more likely to promote fat burning (fat burner).

Therapy options:

We will give them intensive advice on their project and accompany them for a longer period of time, since a change of diet or weight loss is a longer-term process. During the check visits, the body weight and the fat content are measured and compared with the baseline value. An accompanying, well-coordinated sports programmed (see also fitness advice) ensures that successes will soon be achieved in weight loss, which will also last in the long term.


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