Belly Tightening

This operation represents a major procedure in the field of aesthetic surgery.

However, it not only has beauty surgery in many patients, but also a medically meaningful background: it makes sense for patients who have severely reduced weight and therefore suffer from a large excess skin in the abdomen – the so-called fat apron. At most, the straight abdominal muscles differ at the same time (rectus diastasis) or there are breaks in the abdominal wall, such as an umbilical hernia. Often, eczema is formed in the area of the skin fold. Tension-related pain in the area of the back is also not uncommon.

However, most patients who choose this operation are mothers whose abdominal skin is cracked during pregnancy and shows streaks. Impairments and discomforts correspond to those after weight loss. In order to carry out this procedure, the surgeon needs particularly extensive anatomical knowledge and an extremely wealth of experience. Reason: By lifting the entire abdominal wall to breast corbrand, the blood circulation of the abdominal skin is considered.

Operational procedure and anaesthesia:

During the procedure, we remove excess skin as well as tissues and tighten the abdominal skin. The cut runs just above the shock hair, from one pelvic bone to the other. Thanks to a special seam technique, only a thin line remains later. Together with you, we plan exactly the course of the cut, so that bikini or underwear will cover the scar in the future. In addition, the navel is modelled and shifted .If necessary, liposuction can be performed simultaneously Zb. Flanen .This procedure is always performed under general anaesthesia and requires an inpatient stay.

The aftercare:
In the interest of wound healing, we recommend a two-week complete protection after the procedure and the renunciation of cigarettes. According to the patients, the initial wound pain flies rapidly, after one week almost all patients are subjectively free of symptoms. Nevertheless, physical protection is necessary for the wearing time of the compression mitigation, since the healing process absolutely needs this time span. With too much physical activity or even spontaneously, fluid accumulations may occur under the abdominal skin (serom), which can, however, be easily pointed off.

Important short to abdominal tightening
Op-duration: 2 to 3 hours
Anesthesia: general anaesthesia
Stationary stay in the hospital: 1-3 nights
Removal of the seam material: after 2 weeks
Physical protection: 3-4 weeks
Wearing a special belly mining medal (body) for 6 weeks 

Upper thigh tightening

After massive weight losses or type-related surpluses, clear surpluses of skin can occur particularly on the thigh insides and/or the upper arms. As a rule, only a small fat body is present in the area of the subcutaneous skin, so that liposuction is not necessary here. In these cases, only a streamlining operation leads to a convincing result.

Operational procedure and anaesthesia:
On the upper arm the cut is located on the inside center, reaching from the armpit to the elbow. At the thigh tightening, the cut leads along the groin. In both operations, a large experience of the surgeon is necessary due to the peculiarities of the location of the blood vessels, nerves and lymphatic pathways.

The procedure is usually performed under general anaesthesia. If only a small tightening of the skin is required, this can also be done in local an outpatient stunning. The 6-week wearing of compression wear is essential for an optimal result. The surgical scars usually fade within six to twelve months.

Important short to thigh tightening
Op-duration: 2 to 3 hours
Anesthesia: general anaesthesia
Stationary stay in the hospital: 1-3 nights
Removal of the seam material: after 2 weeks
Physical protection: 3-4 weeks
Wearing a special construction medicine (body) for 6 weeks

Wearing a compression wear: 6 weeks 


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