With Hyaluronic Acid

Wrinkle Injection

Hyaluron is a substance related to the natural connective tissue. The preparations are produced synthetically and broken down by enzymes of the body over time after 6 to 12 months.
Hyaluronic acid provides hydration of the skin by binding water molecules. The skin is immediately reproduced in volume and its original shape.
The result of the treatment is immediately visible

Juvederom®, Restylane®, Emervel®Teosyal,Belotero®, Stylage Hyaluronic Acids Juvederom®, wrinkles can be raised, facial contours can be erected and lip contours can be emphasized. 

Application areas

Nasolabial folds
Eye folds mouth (marionett wrinkles)
lip cases (smoker cases)
Lip injection (lip volume, lip shape)
forehead wrinkles, glabella wrinkles
eye wrinkles
Face volume build-up
Chin contours
Hand back

Un-line hyaluronic acid Vital®, Vital light® Viscontour , Restylane Vital , Hyal-System , Hyal ACP , Stylage-Hydro) With uncrosslinked HS, a bioreviticisation/mesotherapy of large skin surfaces can be performed on face, neck, décolleté with incipient and advanced elastosis (fine wrinkles).

By stimulating the metabolism and even distribution in the skin, the elasticity, elasticity, resilience, moisture and thickness of the skin can be positively influenced, which leads to skin rejuvenation with an improved skin image.

The injection therapy takes place on an outpatient basis. A slight local anaesthetic is advisable to be able to carry out the treatment as painlessly as possible. In some materials, the anesthetic is already integrated into the syringe. In addition, stunning creams can be used.


The price of hyaluronic acid injection depends on the preparation used and especially the required amount. Smaller wrinkles can already be sold for approx. €250 to be treated;

An average wrinkle treatment with an ampoule (1ml) Hialuronic acid costs about 350 – 450 €

We will be happy to explain to you in the consultation which hyaluronic acid works best in individual cases.


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