Breast Reduction
In Men

The surgical reduction of the male breast can be useful in both a frequent “real” gynecomastia (growth of the mammary gland also present in men) and in a “such” gynecomastia (prominent breast as a result of increased fatty tissue). In particular, men who care about their outer appearance in the breast area can significantly benefit from surgical breast reduction.

Who is suitable for surgical treatment of gynecomastia?

Suitable candidates are men with disturbing celebrities, regardless of whether it is a “real” or a “nune” gynecomastia. The choice of surgical procedure for breast reduction depends not least on the elasticity of the skin.

Advice on breast reduction in men's buses

The advice on the presence of gynecomastia initially consists of a detailed conversation, where your expectations and wishes are the focus. A careful survey of the prehistory and physical examination including photo documentation is then carried out. Since in some cases hormonal conditions can be the cause of gynecomastia, a blood test is performed. In the case of unilateral growth of the male breast, in extremely rare cases, a malignant condition can be caused by a certain exclusion of surgery. Based on the results collected, the various operational possibilities, including the risks, can then be explained together with you.

Surgical execution of breast reduction in men

The reduction is carried out under general anaesthesia and usually under outpatient conditions. For only small breasts, sedation (treatment) can also be operated on in local anaesthesia. In some cases, liposuction is sufficient (see also Liposuction). If there is additional mammary gland tissue, this is removed via a small incision at the lower margin of the nipple and, if necessary, sent in for fine wet studies. The liposuction causes even shrinkage of excess skin to achieve a smooth surface contour. With very large breasts, additional skin tightening can be useful.

After breast reduction

Depending on the extent of the procedure, no or two drains are placed, which are removed after 2-3 days. A compression medicine is recommended for 4 weeks. The swelling can last for a few weeks. You should plan about a week's holiday and avoid sports activities for 2 weeks. In most patients, a permanent significant improvement in the appearance can be achieved.

Important things about gynecomastia:

Duration of operation: approx. 1.5 hours
Anesthesia: mostly local anaesthetic, depending on the expense also general anaesthetic
Pulling the threads: after 10 days
Physical protection: 2 weeks
Stable in charge after a few days
Compression vest for 4 week wear
Clinic stay: 1 day

Costs: 800 – €2,500 


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