Eigenfett transfer, lipofilling, liposculpt ring, liposhifting, lipostructure

In-fold Smouldering

An injection with self-fat is particularly suitable for generous volume filling of sunken face areas, deep wrinkles and modelling aesthetic body proportions.

Areas of application:

Cheek structure, face contour structure
Wrinkle treatment e.g. for deep nasi-obial wrinkles
lip enlargement,
breast conversion
- buttock enlarger
Cellulite treatment
Compensation of defects after preoperative operations
The advantage of the in-fume transfer method is the use of the body's own material without the risk of an allergy or foreign body reaction and can be sensibly combined with liposuction.

The own fat is the most stained, as with liposuction in local anesthesia by means of so-called. Tumescent local anesthesia and then centrifuged. The fat cells are then injected back into the desired body region with special cannulas.

Important shortly for self-fat injection:

Operating time: 1-2 hours
Operation with local anaesthesia
Stable: after 3-4 days

Depending on the effort from 1000 €


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